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MIA -Cropped turtle cover top-【Cherry / Pink Rose】

MIA -Cropped turtle cover top-【Cherry / Pink Rose】

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Style : Cropped turtle cover top

Quality: 100% cashmere

Size: 01


Cropped cover top with turtle silhouette. You can stack it with other items. The collar and cuffs have a double color scheme.


A short length that you can enjoy layering with a different look by matching it with your innerwear. First, put a tank top made of the same material underneath. The curve of the front hem is a soft line that makes the bust more beautiful and feminine. The bi-color collar and sleeves are detailed to gently wrap around the neck and hands. For accents that make everyday styling even more enjoyable.

Size Spec (approximate)
Length 21.3cm / Body Length 30cm / Sleeve Length 68cm / Sleeve Length 11.5cm / Collar Width 11.5cm / Front Length 20cm / Back Length 25cm / Shoulder Width 28cm

Care Instructions

Recommended to wash by hand with liquid temperature below 30°C.

Use a neutral detergent (things that include hair and silk in the usage column)

Avoid using bleach or bleach-containing detergents.

After washing, immediately adjust the shape and lay flat in the shade.

Use a pressing cloth for ironing.

Due to the characteristics of the material, hairballs and flaking may occur.

If hairballs are formed, do not try to pull them off, but lightly brush in one direction.

When the season of wearing is over, wash it before storing it.

This product uses very delicate materials. Please be careful not to apply excessive force.

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